About Us

Founded by four pioneering diving enthusiasts in 1983, Mako Sub-Aquatics has grown into a full-fledged SCUBA school offering NAUI courses at every level for sport divers.

In line with the NAUI theme of Safety Through Education, quality instruction with an emphasis on enjoying diving through safe practice has been the chief tenet at Mako. As a result, Mako has become synonymous with safe and fun diving among the thousands of students it attracts each year.

As the sport grows in popularity, Mako continues to lead the market, turning students into diving enthusiasts at companies, schools and institutions of higher learning.

Today, Mako Sub-Aquatics has grown stronger with a large pool of professional educators providing courses at every level, organizing dive trips throughout the region, and offering a wide range of dive equipment for sale.

We are grateful and appreciative for the years of continual support from our divers, without which such growth would not be possible. At Mako Sub-Aquatics, we pledge to offer the best we can in promoting Safety Through Education.

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